The Beginning…A very good place to start

Unfortunately I’m not even sure where the beginning of this story is… I should note however that “tour coordinator for a major christian concert series” never once entered my mind as a career choice as a child.  I was never musically talented enough to dream of touring the country, so I can’t even really say to people “I’ve landed my dream job.” Simply because, my dreams weren’t big enough.

This journey vaguely begins this summer when I volunteered for my mom’s radio station.  They needed a volunteer to represent a sponsor who couldn’t send someone out to two local shows.  My mom gave my name to Grand Canyon University, or GCU, and they contacted me a few days before the first show to give me the 411 on their college.  I literally received my “training” in a 45-minute telephone call.  After that, I was expected to represent (and essentially sell) this university that I had never even seen to hundreds of concert goers.  The concerts went well and it was a lot of fun meeting all of the prospective students and hearing their stories of why they wanted to go to/ go back to school.  I jokingly mentioned to Bret (my GCU contact) that if they ever thought about hiring someone for the position to please contact me, I even sent him my resume.  Honestly though, I never expected to hear from him again.

Fast forward three months.  I had been living at home, working four jobs, saving as much money as possible, and praying…a lot.  I received advice to wait upon the Lord for guidance about the next step in life (Acts 1:4).  There were days and weeks where heartbreak and doors closed seemed to seek me out.  In panic, I applied to an internship in Sacramento CA…anything that had the illusion of moving on or doing something with my life was appealing.   I even mentioned to my parents going back to grad school…which I’m sure they loved.  (I can just hear the conversation now, “She’s unemployed and in debt as it is, why would she go back to school?”)  But I know school, it’s familiar and predictable…I can do school.  Dave Ramsey would be proud though, as a Financial Peace Graduate I knew that going even further into debt was not the way to move forward in life.

31 October.  Halloween night I sent an email to Bret.  It was a complete shot in the dark… After searching on the GCU employment webpage I requested more information about an enrollment adviser position.  Bret wrote back the very next day to set up a phone call.   The phone call was one that I will never forget…

Bret agreed to speak with me about the enrollment adviser position but he asked that I ‘hear him out’ on another position that he would like to recommend me for.  GCU was looking to hire a second Tour Coordinator for an upcoming music tour;  since I had volunteered for them in the past, Bret had already printed off my resume and sent it to his boss.  Bret and I spoke for about 30 minutes and I was literally dancing around as he explained that the position would require me (uhm…more like allow me) to travel for three months on the Rock and Worship Road Show.  I would serve as an ambassador for the University and recruit students.  We set up a phone interview with Scott, Bret’s boss, for the following day…

After an initial 30minute phone interview and a follow up interview the next day I was invited to a final interview in Phoenix AZ.  GCU flew me out the Monday before Thanksgiving to meet me in person and tour the school.  Although I was only in Phoenix for about 20 hours, I knew that it was someplace that could eventually be home.  The interview itself was both relaxed and daunting.  Relaxed because I felt comfortable, daunting because essentially my every move (chewing at dinner, getting in and out of the car, being able to walk and talk at the same time during the campus tour) was part of the interview.

More Waiting… my favorite! I didn’t hear, except for an email thanking me for my visit, until the following Wednesday from Scott.  Those seven days felt like seven years and honestly deserve a blog post of their own.  The call came on Wednesday at 2:30, I know because I was sitting in the car line to pick up the children I babysit every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Scott called to more than congratulate me, he actually offered me a full-time position with their team as a marketing analyst.  I was absolutely shocked…I don’t think I even used real words in my responses. He offered me some time to think and pray and seek council on his offer and we followed up a week later.

So now what?
I have accepted a 90-day position as a Tour Coordinator with Grand Canyon University.  I will be on the Rock and Worship Roadshow from January- March visiting cities and meeting with potential college applicants.  I am praying about what will come next, there is potential for me to relocate to Phoenix, AZ and work full time as a marketing analyst for GCU but those details haven’t been finalized yet.  I’m excited to see how God uses the next 3months to stretch and teach me.

Prayer Requests

  • That God will prepare the hearts of those I will be speaking with in each city
  • Safety in all of our travels
  • Discernment for after the tour

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