10 to go

I’ve always taken comfort in planning, making list, and having a routine.  But the past few weeks have challenged me to grow and redefine my normal…

This has been a big week for change and I finally have time to update and share everything that has happened beginning: with I “announced” on Facebook the “officialness” of me accepting a job with Grand Canyon University.

On Tuesday, I received a phone call that was both exciting and heavy. Exciting because it brought official timelines of travel (I am wanted in Phoenix January 3rd) and heavy because the enormity of a cross country move began to set in.  The adventure became even more real when I received a package in the mail Thursday morning….luggage!!! Real Grand Canyon University official traveling luggage!  But, I must admit, I’m not convinced my life for the next 4 months is going to fit.  I’ll be sure to post pictures of my attempts though…

Wednesday, Spencer called me with a list of things I need to bring with me on tour.  I feel extremely lucky to have a co-coordinator on this tour with me! He has already provided such great insight into tour life and answered more hypothetical questions than I care to admit asking.

I cannot explain in words how ready I am to begin this chapter of my life! I am anxious to see the Lord work in every situation as I’m literally moving to a city where I know no one to begin a job where I will live on a bus for 3 months!  The assurance that I feel about this decision is unlike any other confidence I have ever felt.  The decision and journey to this opportunity have been so bathed in prayer that I have complete peace and joy in allowing God to take control.

In the same breath, there is an enormity to this adventure that reminds me daily that I can’t do this alone.  I have been reminded daily that this opportunity is something that is so much bigger than my dreams and I pray that I am able to glorify Christ through daily interactions with the people I meet and work with.   As I struggle to work through the emotions of change and transition and excitement and adventure please pray for peace that surpasses understanding.


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