Cashin Family Christmas

This Christmas was especially exciting for the Cashin Family!  Val  (the youngest Cashin sister) came home from her very first semester as a college student and I celebrated my last Christmas at home [ just kidding mom, you know I’ll be back].  After celebrating with a  Traditional English Christmas we loaded up the car and headed for Tennessee to celebrate “Christmas 2” with Jes (the oldest Cashin sister) and her family.

Our Family Christmas was filled with so much laughter and fun..lots of memories to take with me on the road!  Monday:: We were able to visit with family friends and share the exciting news of my new job and enjoy a meal at Tomato Head.  Play wii- Jeopardy until ridiculous hours of the morning.  Tuesday:: We braved the cold rain in our custom-knit ear warmers to shop at the outlets…ALL DAY! Don’t we have an awesome dad?

I am so blessed to be surrounded and supported by my family.  I hope your holiday was filled with as much love as ours.

This week will kick off more frequent posts…  Lots of travel updates, my 2o12 goals, and my first post from Phoenix! Whoop-Whoop!  Thank you all for reading and keeping the tour in your prayers, I can’t wait to share more about life on the road.

(click here to purchase an ear-warmer of your own)

This week’s prayer requests:
Sanity as I try to pack my bags
Safe travel on January 3

P.S. The Tour Postcards are complete! If you want to receive a postcard from a specific city please email me your request and address.  You can see a list of cities I’ll be visiting here.


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