Why Hello 2012

2011 brought a National Championship [War Eagle!], my 21st birthday, Graduation from Auburn, and six months of living at home with my parents. I’ve said goodbye to friends, felt the pain of a broken heart, and been blessed with new friendships.  2011 was a year of seasons and stretching, and growing.  God has constantly reminded me of His greatness and the plan that He has for me; I am full of hope for 2012.  In anticipation of the New Year, and in good Stephanie-fashion, I have made a list of my goals for 2012.

I was inspired to write my goals down after reading a post on Today’s Letters.  In the blog post Em suggested “breaking down” goals into 4 categories::Spiritual, Physical, Relational, and Professional.  I added to this list Financial, because of the accountability a written goal provides.  After a lot of reflection and prayer my 2012 goals consist of::

Spiritual:: read the Bible in a year
Physical:: run a 2:00 half marathon
Relational:: write a letter to a loved one each week
Financial:: fully fund my 6- month emergency fund
:: tbd

2012 began with Genesis 1:1-3:24, New Years Day Shopping, and a “I finally have a job” dinner with my family at Connor’s…talk about an excellent way to bring in the new year!




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