Is this real life?

This week I::  Enjoyed a wonderful goodbye see you soon dinner with beautiful friends.  Moved 1,675 miles west.  Started a new job with Grand Canyon University.  Enjoyed a run outside…in shorts…without leggings…in JANUARY!  AND Found my way around Phoenix to “Big Burrito” for dinner without a GPS or Smart Phone, and I only got lost once!

Yesterday as I marveled at the fact that we were having an outdoor lunch meeting on January 5th it was pointed out that on July 5th we’ll be having indoor meetings…moral of the story I’m enjoying the 70° January days and preparing for the 130° July ones.

We have been so busy each day getting ready for the Rock and Worship Roadshow 2012.  I never knew work could be so much fun!  The hours spent in meetings, brainstorming sessions, planning, and calling volunteers is going to lead up to an amazing 26 city tour! The guys here have welcomed me into their team and made me feel at home; I am learning so much each day my brain literally hurts a little on my walk home.  Even with as busy as we’ve been and all of the “officialness” of our work, I still can’t believe this isn’t a dream.  I have been so blessed with this opportunity and can’t wait to see what else God has planned over the next 90 days!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s called, emailed, sent text or facebook messages, and prayed for me this week.  It has been an exciting first week in Phoenix and being able to share the ups and downs with so many of you has made the move that much sweeter!

This week’s prayer requests::
A weekend of (safe) adventure
Technology that works
Volunteers for each city we’re visiting


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