I graduated from Auburn University in August of this past year, and it is safe to say I had very different plans for my life than those God had in mind.  After countless nights of tears, broken hearts and closed doors I have found myself in a season of waiting and prayer for almost 6 months.  I have been stretched beyond comfort while learning patience and trust.  But, God has continually reminded me of his grace and love for me; however, some days it takes moment by moment reminders.

I have been blessed with a very unconventional opportunity and because of God’s provision and mercy I look forward to sharing stories and photos from the road with everyone.  I’ve even ordered postcards for those of you who prefer “snail mail!”  Speaking of which, I cannot recommend 2inviteU, located on Highway 72 near Publix,  enough!!! Heather helped me pick out the perfect template and picture and wording for my very own postcards and I’m so excited to get out on the road and send them to everyone! If you want to receive one from a specific city make sure you comment here or send me an email!

Although I am excited and hopeful, there is a fair amount of anxiety that comes with the unknown.  Thank you for your prayers and comments, please check out the Rock and Worship Roadshow tab and come see me if you’re in the area!

I would love to hear from those who are reading and will  do my best to answer any questions I get via email:: stcashin.wordpress@gmail.com


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