Despite my best effort to blog over the weekend… It was an epic fail! I promise to update everyone on the second leg of tour soon!

But for now:: I’m alive! On a bus headed for Corpus Christi, Texas.



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Tour Week 1

Where to begin?

Last week was one of the most exciting and exhausting of my life!  We traveled more than 3,000 miles in five days…Starting in Phoenix and ending in Chicago where I sit now, trying to think of how to summarize the past week. 

God is so at work in this tour.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by 89 intentional and authentic Christians.  I cannot explain the feeling of knowing that at any given moment there is prayer covering the work that we are doing.  Both behind the stage and for the cities and hearts of those that will hear us. 

I am learning so much and feel lucky to be part of such an amazing crew. Each day brings new challenges, laugher, and learning experiences.  I can’t wait to update you more along the way. 

I’m spending tomorrow in Chicago with a friend from Huntsville and will be sure to add lots of pictures! 


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Tour Prep Week = Little Sleep Week

I want to begin this post with an apology to those who were offended, or offered a thumbs down, to my last post.

In other news…The Road Show is one week away! One week people! It seems unreal that just two weeks ago I was getting settled into Phoenix and now I’m getting ready to hit the road.  We have been so busy this week finalizing plans, getting materials packed and shipped, tweaking details, and running errands.  Needless to say, Starbucks has appreciated our business.

Our trunks have been labeled and shipped to Nashville, full of the goodies we’ll be handing out at each of the concerts.

Tuesday I pushed these bad boys across campus… stacked 2 high…in a dress…in high heels! The guys think I deserve an award, I just think “if I can do that, I can do anything.”

Please continue praying for the tour.  We have such a great opportunity to speak hope and truth into the lives of the concert goers and each other over the next 7 weeks.  18 cities. 26 shows.

I can’t wait to see you all on the road! Especially my mom, I hear she’s got a cheesecake with my name on it!

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Whether the weather be hot…


I don’t mean to brag…but I can’t help but share my Weather Channel screen shots from today. 









P.S. We are two weeks away from our first show! In fact, Phoenix time (6:00pm) it is EXACTLY 2 weeks away from our first show.  I hope Biloxi, MS is ready for us…


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week 1 progress report

Excitement:: A
Dorm Life:: B+
Weather:: A++
Job:: A++

I cannot believe I’ve already been in Phoenix a week! At times it feels like I just got here yesterday, other times it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been home.  I have spent the week training and preparing for tour as much as possible.  The past three days have been almost exclusively dedicated to testing technology.  Those of you who know me well are probably laughing… but I am learning. This experience, and opportunity to be part of such a dynamic team has been a blessing in every way.

But this week has been difficult too; my niece turned 5 and not being around to see her dressed up as a princess was a bummer… lucky for me though she drew me a picture that my sister forwarded along to me.

Another bittersweet happening is morning coffee.  Although I love  (can’t emphasize this enough) the free office coffee each morning {I feel like such an adult walking in…getting settled…pouring my morning coffee…and checking my calendar for the day} It’s not the same as having coffee with my mom in the mornings.  Maybe we can start having coffee together over facetime??? {hmm I may be onto something}

In happier news…The students are back on campus this week!  After living at home for six months, I had forgotten the excitement that a college campus brings.  It is so refreshing to be around this many young people who are in love with the Lord.  I had the privileged of going to a student led worship service on campus, and I was blown away!  The sincerity of the students’ words and message was something that my little blog cannot illustrate.

As we get closer to tour dates I cannot help but think of the prospective students we will be meeting.  Students just like the ones I worshiped with last night.  Please be in constant prayer for our interactions and relationships built;  specifically, that God will give us the words to express our message clearly.  I know that God is going to use the Rock and Worship Roadshow in so many ways, I am just blessed to be part of it!

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Is this real life?

This week I::  Enjoyed a wonderful goodbye see you soon dinner with beautiful friends.  Moved 1,675 miles west.  Started a new job with Grand Canyon University.  Enjoyed a run outside…in shorts…without leggings…in JANUARY!  AND Found my way around Phoenix to “Big Burrito” for dinner without a GPS or Smart Phone, and I only got lost once!

Yesterday as I marveled at the fact that we were having an outdoor lunch meeting on January 5th it was pointed out that on July 5th we’ll be having indoor meetings…moral of the story I’m enjoying the 70° January days and preparing for the 130° July ones.

We have been so busy each day getting ready for the Rock and Worship Roadshow 2012.  I never knew work could be so much fun!  The hours spent in meetings, brainstorming sessions, planning, and calling volunteers is going to lead up to an amazing 26 city tour! The guys here have welcomed me into their team and made me feel at home; I am learning so much each day my brain literally hurts a little on my walk home.  Even with as busy as we’ve been and all of the “officialness” of our work, I still can’t believe this isn’t a dream.  I have been so blessed with this opportunity and can’t wait to see what else God has planned over the next 90 days!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s called, emailed, sent text or facebook messages, and prayed for me this week.  It has been an exciting first week in Phoenix and being able to share the ups and downs with so many of you has made the move that much sweeter!

This week’s prayer requests::
A weekend of (safe) adventure
Technology that works
Volunteers for each city we’re visiting

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Why Hello 2012

2011 brought a National Championship [War Eagle!], my 21st birthday, Graduation from Auburn, and six months of living at home with my parents. I’ve said goodbye to friends, felt the pain of a broken heart, and been blessed with new friendships.  2011 was a year of seasons and stretching, and growing.  God has constantly reminded me of His greatness and the plan that He has for me; I am full of hope for 2012.  In anticipation of the New Year, and in good Stephanie-fashion, I have made a list of my goals for 2012.

I was inspired to write my goals down after reading a post on Today’s Letters.  In the blog post Em suggested “breaking down” goals into 4 categories::Spiritual, Physical, Relational, and Professional.  I added to this list Financial, because of the accountability a written goal provides.  After a lot of reflection and prayer my 2012 goals consist of::

Spiritual:: read the Bible in a year
Physical:: run a 2:00 half marathon
Relational:: write a letter to a loved one each week
Financial:: fully fund my 6- month emergency fund
:: tbd

2012 began with Genesis 1:1-3:24, New Years Day Shopping, and a “I finally have a job” dinner with my family at Connor’s…talk about an excellent way to bring in the new year!



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